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GLASTONBURY, UK - Publishing Direct's latest release, 'Vignettes
of Childhood' by award-winning poet and author, Michael
Thurstan Bassett, has been highly recommended by none other
than the H.V.Morton Society's Niall Taylor.
    In a recent post on the Society's blog, Niall Taylor called the anthology
"a trove of literary treasure from a modest man of great talent.
     "As an eye-witness to the Battle of Britain and the massing of the fleet
prior to the D-Day Landings, Michael captures these historical events with
evocative immediacy," he writes.
     "This is a moving anthem to England and to times past," continues
NIall. "Many of the verses in this excellent collection display a wistful
longing which is dealt with most movingly - a yearning for home, and a
bygone age - but throughout, this is tempered by a more upbeat, positive
tone, an uplifting optimism, despite all that life throws at us."
    * Read the full review here.
Stellar review for 'Vignettes of Childhood' from UK literary blog
Vignettes of Childhood VII
The trees and hamlets and
Of the Island lie shrouded in night,
But starboard, over a rising sea,
St. Catherine’s flashes bright.

My northern stars are setting
In slow and wheeling flight,
But deep within will ever shine
That warm and guiding light;
As steady as a taper’s flame
In a silent, marbled shrine:
As constant as the Brahmic soul
Transfused with Life Divine.

The wind blows cold and I shiver,
And a loneliness grips my heart,
And I suddenly think of Martha,
And the hauntings that darken`d
her path.
Had she some inner compass,
That pointed to a north;
A fixed, transcendent bearing
To some safe and well-loved port?

The gusting wind grows stronger -
Ushant lies ahead -
And I feel the ghosts of history
That o`er these waters tread.
- Michael Thurstan Bassett
© 2014 Michael Thurstan Bassett
Paperback Edition
ISBN 978-0-9941141-0-5
Outward bound,
off the Isle of Wight.
Dreams are the seeds from
which have grown
All that we have and all that
is known;
From empires and cities to
quantum and fission,
All have been born from a
far-seeing vision.
'Dreams are Life'
- Michael Thurstan Bassett
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Digital Edition
ISBN 978-0-9941141-1-2
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J.K. Rowling did it. So did Stephen King.
     Now we can reveal that Charles Beaumont,
author of the Harvest Road autobiographical novel
'A Place Called Charlie Tango' is the pen name of
none other than award-winning poet, Michael Thurstan Bassett,
whose beautiful anthology of verse, 'Vignettes of Childhood', has
just been launched by Publishing Direct!
     First published in 2008, 'A Place Called Charlie Tango', is now in
its 2nd Reprint and continues to sell well, regularly featuring in
the Top 10 Bestseller category lists on Amazon's Kindle store.
     We look forward to seeing 'Vignettes' in the Top 10 lists before 
too long as well!
The explosive account of one man's tour of duty during the Rhodesian Bush War
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